A kitchen like no other, Mr Todiwala's Kitchen carries the name of one of Britain's most unique and characterful chefs, Cyrus Todiwala.

Tandoor Clay Ovan


All our tikkas are cooked medium to medium rare for best results. However, please let us know if you prefer rare. Please be patient with us as we only prepare your tikkas when you are ready to eat. All our tandoori main courses are served with a vegetable accompaniment of the day. Mr Todiwala's Kitchen also wishes to inform our patrons that the use of any colouring in our kitchens has always been banned, and therefore we cannot please those who expect our dishes to be brightly coloured or iridescent. 

Our meat, fish and poulty are either organic, free range or friendly farmed and come from sustainable resources

~ Paneer and Vegetable Shaslik ~
Portobello mushroom, Indian whey cheese (paneer), quarters of mixed peppers, tomato, sweet potato and onion, marinated in classical tandoori masala, skewered, chargrilled and served with saffron rice and 
coconut curry.

~ Leeli Chutney Ni Salmon ~
Fillet of sustainable salmon marinated in Parsee style fresh green chutney, skewered and chargrilled in the tandoor. Whilst salmon is a great fish, it is not very spice friendly. However, this chutney is derived from my mother's own recipe. The family, as well as our regulars who have eaten it hundreds of times before unanimously agree that it is the best way of marinating fresh salmon for grilling. 
£9.95 / £17.75

~ Tandoori Fish Kesari ~
The fish will depend wholly on today's fresh sustainably sourced British fish. Whole fish is slit and marinated in a yoghurt based masala, enhanced with saffron, cardamom, grated zest of mandarin orange and lime, ground almonds and cashew nuts - skewered, chargrilled and served with naan.

~ Chicken Tikka ~
An all-time favourite, chicken tikka needs no introduction, except that ours is not red in colour, and is traditionally flavoured. Served with accompanying tadka daal and steamed rice for the main course only. 
£8.50 / £16.95

~ Keralan Duck Tikka ~
Breast of Barbary duck marinated in a Keralan 'Syrian-Christian' style, created by Mrs Matthew, a genius on old Keralan 'Syrian-Christian' cuisine. Marinated simply in yoghurt with tamarind extract, crushed red chilli, toasted fennel, ginger and roasted cardamom, and chargrilled to a medium rare. For those who do not know, Christianity and Judaism have been practiced in India long before the Western World had heard of their existence, and both synagogues and churches have existed from the 1st century AD, when trade first began by the Syrian and Baghdadi Jews and Christians. 
£8.95 / £17.50

~ Venison Tikka Aflatoon ~
This tikka has survived the test of time and we feel that it will be a great addition to this menu too. Influenced by the cooking exploits of The Maharaja of Sailana in Rajputana, who was an avid cook and often created great kebabs in the jungle, this being one of them and probably one of the best ways to cook venison as demonstrated to me by my father several times during his many hunting trips in Rajasthan. Flavoured with a treble hit of anise with fennel, anise and star anise, which gives this great venison from Michael and Cecelia's Denham Estate in Suffolk the right balance.
£8.95 / £17.50

~ Beef Tikka Laal Aur Kaala Mirich Masala ~
The Duke of Bucculleuch's Estate probably breed the best breed on the British Isles. A cross between the Aberdeen Angus and the Scottish Long Horn, the meat quality is exquisite, being well hung and matured for over three weeks. Cubes of the prime fillet are marinated with pureed red chilli, crushed black peppercorns, home ground mustard, garam masala and ginger. This is HOT and not to be taken lightly. We kindly request that you do not ask for it to be cooked well-done. Please!
£12.50 / £24.50

~ Tandoor Platter With Curried Rice ~
A taste of nearly all of the above, except with whole fish! A combination of each of the above tikkas, including Paneer and Portobello mushrooms, served with soft curried steamed rice.