A kitchen like no other, Mr Todiwala's Kitchen carries the name of one of Britain's most unique and characterful chefs, Cyrus Todiwala.

Mr Todiwala's Wine

We have always believed that our food should be fresh, vibrant, and above all – authentic, and the same has to be said of our wine list. Wine is an essential part of the dining experience, and we have chosen wines that enhance this experience by marrying well with our selection of dishes. After a lot of experimenting we have come up with a few ideas to help you choose your wine. All of the wines have been selected with a view that you will explore our menu just as you will our wine list.


 ~ White wine ~ 
White wines that are too heavily oaked or too rich become clumsy and unbalanced, whilst dry unoaked whites such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc, complement even the hottest dishes. The crisp acidity and clean fruit flavours have a softening effect on the palate.

 ~ Rose ~ 
The Rosé Wine has flavours of ripe wild strawberry and subtle spices, which are a superb match to our food, whilst the subtle red fruit of the Syrah Rosé more than holds its own.


 ~ Red Wine ~ 
Wines from the hotter regions fare better than those from cool climates. The spicier and riper the wine, the better it is at handling the complex flavours of ginger, chilli and fresh spices. We are particularly pleased with the Cabernets and the Malbec from France and Argentina respectively, but also with old favourites like our Rioja.

 ~ Sparkling Wine 
Again the drier the sparkling wine the better it is at coping with our spicier dishes. Rosé Champagne is a perennial classic pairing with our food, which we have been recommending since opening our first London restaurant. The slightly off-dry Prosecco is a really fun and a nice match to some of my desserts, as well as great for a pre dinner celebration.

 ~ You and Your Palate ~ 
We have always endeavoured to let our guests know that, whilst a glass of beer is a good start for an Indian meal, so are champagnes (particularly rosés) and wines. During the meal wines are better accompaniments as they do not tend to make one feel heavy and always enhance the meal rather than dampening it. Beer can often do that and the hops do at times react with the chilli. However, obviously everyone has an individual palate and their taste will be different, and sometimes nothing else quite hits the spot like an ice cold lager or your favourite cocktail, but why not experiment with our fantastic wine list to enhance your dining experience.