A kitchen like no other, Mr Todiwala's Kitchen carries the name of one of Britain's most unique and characterful chefs, Cyrus Todiwala.

Main Dishes

~Mr Todiwala’s Parsee lamb Dhaansaak £19.95~
The classic Parsee Sunday lunch, lamb cooked with
pureed lentils and vegetables. Served with caramelized
onion, rice and red onion salad
Allergens: Dairy and Mustard

~Shank of Lamb Parsee Style £22.95~
Shank of Lamb is first slow roasted then simmered
in gravy. Served with pulao rice
Allergens: Dairy and mustard

~Murgh Makhani £19.95~
Dices of chicken breast, marinated with yoghurt and Indian
spices, cooked in clay oven and simmered in tomato gravy
served with steamed rice
Allergens:Nuts and Dairy

~Goan / Portuguese style white Chicken £19.95~
Curry & Rice
A mild white Portuguese influenced curry
with coconut and cashew served with steamed
palav rice
Allergens: Nuts and Dairy

~Goan Prawn Curry and Organic Red Rice £19.95~
Classic Goan curry a state staple and a Cafe Spice
Special since time immemorial. Served with
steamed rice

~Daal Makhani V £9.95~
Black urad beans cooked slowly until tender and
silky, finished with ginger and chilli
Allergens: Dairy

~Baigan Bhurta V £9.95~
Roasted smoked aubergine mash in curried
tomato sauce

~Saag Mutter VE £9.95~
Chopped and pureed spinach sizzled with garlic
cumin and chilli, tossed with green peas
Allergens: Dairy (can be avoided)

~Daal tadka VE £9.95~
That most classic of all Indian lentil preparations,
Lentils sizzled with garlic, cumin and red chilli

~Panner chilli fry V £9.95~
Cubes of whey cheese, peppers, shallots,
green chilli, giner and garlic
Allergens: Dairy