A kitchen like no other, Mr Todiwala's Kitchen carries the name of one of Britain's most unique and characterful chefs, Cyrus Todiwala.


~Papads/Chutneys/Pickles (VE) £4.95~
Home-made chutneys and pickle selection of papads
Allergens: Mustard

~Paneer Tikka Shaslik (V) £9.95~
Classic tandoor marinated tikka, grilled with cubes of
Onion and peppers Allergens: Dairy and Mustard

~Leeli Chutney Ma Trout £10.95~
Grilled clalk strim trout, marinated in Grandma’s
Todiwala’s favourite green Chutney Allergens: Fish

~Chicken Tikka £10.95~
Chicken tikka needs no introduction except that
ours is not red in colour & traditionally flavoured
Allergens: Dairy

~Venison Tikka Aflatoon £11.95~
Grilled Venison haunch fillet, marinated in a trio of
anise and zest of lime and orange
Allergens: Dairy

~Smoked cured Duck breast in soy ginger and honey £10.50~
Cured and smoked barbary duck in spices of soy.
Allergens: Soy and Gluten

~Beetroot and Coconut Samosa Chaat V £8.95~
Our signature samosa, served with chutneys
Allergens: Dairy, Gluten and Mustard

~Lamb Samosa £9.95~
Typically Keralan in it’s construction
This is a a samosa to remember Allergens: Gluten

~Batatas Murros £7.95~
Crushed baby potatoes part roasted & fried drizzled
With a mixed herbs dressing

~Peppered Beef Tikka £13.50~
Fillet of aged Scotch Beef marinated in a masala with
Crushed red chilli and black pepper grilled to medium rare

~Tri Colour Quinoa, Broccoli Salad VE £8.00~
Tri colour quinoa, tender stem broccoli with a twist
of tamarind and chilli
Addons choose one each:Beef/Chicken/Venison/Paneer £6.99

~Ginger Seasoned Lamb Cutlet £10.95~
Prime Lamb cutlet marinated in ginger extract and spices
Allergens: Dairy & Mustard