A kitchen like no other, Mr Todiwala's Kitchen carries the name of one of Britain's most unique and characterful chefs, Cyrus Todiwala.


~ Dahi Saev Channa Poori ~
Crisp, Puffed Poories, filled with crushed potato and chickpeas, topped with spiced yoghurt, fresh green chutney, Date and Tamarind sauce and sprinkled with chickpeas vermicelli

~ Beetroot and Coconut Samosa ~
A South Indian style filling of diced Cheltenham beetroot blended with diced potato, tossed with freshly grated coconut and sizzled with mustard seeds, curry leaves, cumin and chilli. This may sound unusual but, when cooked with coconut, the beetroot in an entirely different beast and tastes delightful.

The potato here is primarily used to hold the beetroot dices together. 

Kolmi No Patio ~
Tiger prawns tossed with a hot sweet and sour gravy, traditionally made with minced shallots, diced aubergine, red pumpkin, red masala, malted cane vinegar, tamarind extract and jaggery (raw cane sugar), served on ciabatta toast. This is the classic Parsee ‘Patia’ and cannot be compared with its namesake elsewhere.

 Kerala Nyandd Masala ~
Cornish crab meat sizzled with black mustard seeds, green chilli, white lentils and curry leaves with minced shallot, tomato and fresh grated coconut.